In early nineties when personal computers prevailed old mainframes I was facing the challenge to connect mainframe printers to PC. My solution was graceful to hardware: no interference under cover. Instead I developped a small interface box powered from keyboard connector. The box was connected to PC-LPT output on one side and to printer's BUS and TAG cables on the other side. With a TSR program ECprint.COM it simulated selector channel of IBM360/370 mainframe. From application's point of wiew there was an Epson-compatible printer on INT 17h.

ECprint solution had worked well for couple of years and fullfilled its job. Now the project is abandoned so I release it as Public Domain. However, I don't public all my private TASM macrolibraries necessarry to compile. The main documentation is in Czech only. No further support is provided.

Filelist of ECPRINT.ZIP
 ECPRINT.TXT  Documentation in Czech language
 ECPRINT.GIF schematic diagram of interface box
 ECPRINT.ASM  TSR printer driver
 ECCHECK.ASM  Diagnostic utility for hardware testing
 ECCHECK.COM    (special terminator required)
 ECANAL.ASM   IBM interface analyzer with manual control
 ECANAL.COM        of all handshake signals
 ECANAL.MCR   Keyboard macros for ECANAL
 ECSET.ASM    Fullscreen utility for Escape sequences
 ECRESET.ASM  Cmdline utility for printer reset
 ECSWAP.ASM   Cmdline utility for LPT ports swap
 EC8LPI.ASM   Cmdline utility to set 8 LPI vertical density
 EC-DST.RAR   Set of Text602 DST files for EC printers
 EC-UCS.RAR   Set of type-train definition files for printer EC7039
 UCSGEN.PAS   UCS file generator