May 5th, 2003 Bugfix update JAM2HTM ver 2.02.
New communication utility HTTPER added.

June 2003 Old pages freehosted at and are no longer supported and available.

July 6th, 2003 New utility SkimID3 added.

Sep 9th, 2003 Web pages reformated to tableless XHTML design.
All archives repacked from RAR to ZIP.
vit$oft freeware is now hosted by at URL

Sep 15th, 2003 Cosmetic changes of webdesign for better compatibility with MSIE5, MSIE6, Opera 7.11, Mozilla Firebird 0.6.

Sep 24th, 2003 Sortkit upgrade to ver.1.10, links updated.

Mar 7th, 2004 DBF2TXT upgrade to ver.2.00 (32bit version with long filename support)

Mar 10th, 2004 Sortkit upgrade to ver.1.20, added C++ support.

July 27th, 2004 DBF2TXT bugfix update to ver.2.01

Dec 22nd, 2004 Fixed week of the year calculation in the utility OUTTIME bundled in VSBUTIL to ver.3.10.
Week has number 1 when it contains the first Thursday in a year. A new pattern for year+weekNr was added.

Sep 1st, 2005 Bug fixed in TXT2DBF Win-2.01, current version is 2.02.

Nov 4th, 2005 Bug fixed in TXT2DBF current version is 2.03.

Nov 17th, 2005 Czech rhyming dictionary.

Apr 29th, 2006 SkimId3 ver.1.10 fixed recognition of MP3 files with garbage before the first frame.

Oct 21st, 2006 Two new parameters /H and /C added to DBF2TXT current version is 2.10.

Jul 4th, 2007 VSBUTIL updated to ver.4.00: OUTTIME is now dual 16/32bit application. Two new utilities were added: MD5 and REVERSE.

Sep 15th, 2007 VSBUTIL bugfix in CMPTIME

Feb 16th, 2009 PHP script Scrobbat for batch scrobbling to

Oct 1th, 2010 Internet service #twisleda for Czech users of Twitter.

Jan 10th, 2012 Svátky - list of name's days in Czech calendar.

Jan 2nd, 2013 OPIN - is now bundled with source code.

Jan 2nd, 2013 VSASMLIB - DOS Macrolibraries in Turbo Assembler

Apr 13th, 2013 PHP script Scrobbat updated to new version of API.

Oct 28th, 2015 Two new parameters /A and /F added to TXT2DBF, current version is 2.20. Thanks Ugo Mangini, Italy, for this suggestion.

Sep 15th, 2018 Conversion of this page to HTML5/UTF-8.
Link to my new macroassembler €ASM

Jan 21th, 2019
EuroConvertor for conversion of encoding in text files.

Apr 3rd, 2019
Outside temperature in the Czech Republic during the last week:

Jan 29th, 2023
Web moved from free webhosting at [] to [].

Feb 26th, 2023
Application Missae updated for PHP7.